Pump It Up

I think it was actually my mom’s idea to have Macy’s 2nd birthday party at a place called Pump It Up.  I had totally forgotten about it and wasn’t sure that Macy would enjoy all the moonwalks and slides.

I wasn’t sure until I saw her play on the Dora moonwalk at Lazybrook during the Easter Egg Hunt.  After that, I went by and booked the party.

My party package included 40 minutes of playing time in each playing arena and then 40 minutes of pizza, dessert, and singing “Happy Birthday”.  They took care of all the paper goods, pizza, a giant blow-up chair for the birthday girl to sit in, decorations, and all the jumpy toys.  I took care of cupcakes, drinks, and getting Macy there on time.

When we arrived, they had labeled her room already.

The first thing Macy wanted to do was the big slide.  Abby helped her slide down.

This is her “let’s do it again!” face.

Even the babies were having a pretty good time…this is my cousin, Jennifer and her daughter Olivia, my friend Megan and her son Hudson and friend Amanda and her son Evan.

Grandmommy took a turn in the obstacle course to help Macy get through it.

My friend, Melissa, took this picture after Macy stole her Capri Sun.  Sorry, Melissa.  This was Macy’s first of the night.  It was not her last.

Time to sing to the birthday girl.  At first, Macy looked a little frightened.

But she liked the part where she got to blow out the candles.

And eat the icing.  Cousin Braeden helps her out.

We only had time to open up a few presents.  This one was a big hit – from the Graham family – by the next day she had pushed all the buttons about a hundred times.  🙂

And a quick group shot they took right before we ate.  Thanks to everyone for coming!

When we got home that night, Macy kept singing, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.”  Apparently, the birthday girl was happy with her Pump It Up experience.


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