An Excuse for Cookie Cake

Since we celebrated Macy’s birthday on Thursday, I had kind of planned to take it easy on Friday, her actual birthday.  One of our favorites families, Meagan and Tim, were bringing their brand new son, Ben, to Houston to see family and were going to stop by, but other than that we did not have any plans.

That was, until, I went to the mall and passed the American Cookie Company.


When you’re about to leave the country (again), you find yourself saying things like, “Well, this could be my last cookie cake for awhile.”  And before you know it, you’ve ordered one.  With your daughter’s name on it of course, so it looks a little better.  🙂

So after we partied with the Bergerons…

Meagan, me, and Ben

I forgot how small they are!

All the boys

Macy LOVES Baby Ben.  She kept saying, “baby Ben, baby Ben.”  He IS pretty darn cute.

…we partied again for Macy’s birthday.  Jeff’s parents came out to mom and dad’s house to open presents and eat cookie cake.  Macy enjoyed the singing a little bit more this time.

Last year in London, I also used Macy’s birthday as an excuse to eat cookie cake…

Amazing how much difference a year makes.  Look how short Macy’s hair was!

Blow out your candles, Macy!

Hmm…let’s try this out

Yea, that’s good.

After eating cookie cake, we had some surprise visitors…

Em-me (Emily) and Matt!

They brought the biggest gift bag I have ever seen (seriously) and the cutest Dora “Feliz Cumpleanos” balloon.

Also included in the gift bag were: BEADS, bracelets, and sunglasses!  It was Macy heaven.  She got a new Dora change purse, bubbles, stickers, butterfly wings…and the list goes on.

Let’s give a round of dap

Thanks Matt and Emily! (and thanks for sporting your very own pair of sunglasses)

Happy birthday baby girl!  Thanks for giving your mommy an excuse to eat cookie cake.  🙂


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