I just googled in my own blog to see how many times I’ve blogged about packing.  Surprisingly enough, there were only three entries that came up (Time, The Professional Packer, and Ten Days if you were curious).

I was wondering this because our packing began a few days ago.  If we were moving someplace like another city in the U.S. or even in Europe, packing probably wouldn’t be quite as big of a deal.  We’d be able to find most toiletries and medicines that we use on a regular basis and clothes that actually fit us (believe it or not, even I have trouble finding clothes that are “big” enough).  However, we are going back to a land in the east, which believe it or not, does not carry things like Pepto-Bismol, deodorant (yes, I know!), and Ranch dressing.

So we go about our packing in a very organized fashion.  We grab six duffel bags, line them up in the living room (sorry, Mom), and start bringing things downstairs that are going with us.  You can imagine the state of the living room – tons of board books and a few stuffed baby dolls for Macy, all of the toiletries I use regularly – sunscreen, eye drops, waterproof mascara (in bulk supply), extra tennis shoes for both of us (you can’t find our sizes), and tons of clothes.  We also are trying to bring a few “extras” that will be really special when we get back – semi-sweet chocolate chips, enchilada/taco seasoning mixes, and one box of yellow cake mix.

So we’re taking it one day at a time and trying to get as much packed as early as we can so that our last day in the States is not spent in stressful mode.  Well, at least not super-stressful mode. 🙂


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