It’s not super common for people to make the looong trip over to the east side.  I don’t blame them – it is a seriously long plane ride (typically three to four planes, totaling up to a day’s worth of travel time), an expensive trip, and takes up a lot of your vacation days.  But there have been a few people (besides our parents) that have braved the culture shock, strange food, and jet leg just to come and spend some time with us.  Pretty amazing, if you think about it.

Two of these people are April – Jeff’s cousin – and her husband, Michael.  They made the trek over last July and we had such a ball spending time with them and showing them around our neck of the woods.

I found this picture of April reading to Macy from that trip…

And this one of Michael and Jeff bike riding in a tourist-y city not far from our city…

Today we had the privilege of hanging out with them again.  It’s always fun to spend time with people who have seen where we live, because we have the shared experience of being on the east side together.

I remembered one of the reasons that I love being with them.  They LOVE Macy.  And Macy LOVES them.

Playing BEADS!  April is pregnant with their first baby – a girl named Karis.  🙂

Reading “Goodnight Gorilla”.  Michael taught Macy what a mouse says – “SQUEAK!”  She thought that was just about the greatest thing ever.

Micheal reads “Doggies” to Macy.  The way to Macy’s heart is through books.

And if you’ve got some extra time, check out this short movie of Macy laughing at Michael’s squeak.


I think if I actually paid for this blog, I would be able to embed my video.  Ah, well.

Thank you Michael and April!  We love you guys!


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