Anyone have some ore?

We are just about three days out from leaving and we have four bags completely packed (we’re going with six total, if you were wondering) and a fifth started.  This is actually pretty good for us.  I’m trying to keep us from “stress” packing i.e. the night before we leave the country trying to decide – have we packed Ibuprofen yet?  Does Macy have enough toddler toothpaste?  Should I throw in an extra deodorant for Jeff?  🙂

Despite this, I thought my readership would like to know…the Settlers game has not been packed.  (Look here for more info).  This, of course, is very Jeff.  I guess I’ll know we’re really leaving when the game makes it into a duffel bag.


2 thoughts on “Anyone have some ore?

  1. ha! I love the no-stress packing! We leave in two weeks and are almost totally packed. That’s got to be a first for us! Deoderant? check. toothpaste? check. I loved your post!

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