Internet.  Can’t live with it.  Can’t live without it.  Move overseas and you’ll quickly find how important it becomes so that you can keep up with your loved ones back in the States.  Skype itself has been a lifesaver.

Our first day back went pretty smoothly – met up with some friends, took a nice nap in the afternoon, and did lots and lots of unpacking while Macy re-discovered the house and the toys in it.  On our second day, we decided to conquer the Internet.

When we left, we had the Internet turned off because it would have been silly to pay for it the entire time we were gone.  I assumed (my mistake) that once we got back we’d head over to the same office, re-sign up, pay, and our service would turn back on.

Bad assumption.

First of all, the company really wanted us to try out some kind of bundle special where you have your Internet, home phone, and cell phone all on some kind of plan.  We didn’t want that so we kept saying – no, we just need Internet and home phone.  Then, there was discussion about which speed our apartment complex was capable of having.  When we left it was the fast speed, now they only had the semi-fast speed (I apologize for my lack of techie-vocabulary).  That was another discussion.  After all that, they started saying things like “Sorry.  There’s no solution.  No wire.  Sorry.”  Jeff and I kept looking at each other like – what?  We thought surely we were missing something.  Finally, we figured out (at least we think we figured out) that this company had too many “accounts” in our apartment complex and couldn’t add any more right now.  When we asked when they thought a spot would open up, there was no clear answer.


So we trekked on to another company.  As far I knew, there were only two Internet providers here so I figured if one couldn’t do it, surely the other one could.

Also a bad assumption.

We had no problem understanding this time.  The girl simply informed us that their company did not add new Internet connections to our apartment complex.

Back to the drawing board.

I asked her – well, if your company can’t do it and this other company can’t do it – what is the solution?  She said – oh, the mobile company here also has a broadband section.  You can go ask them.

So our third stop of the day was a success.  After signing up, they told us that it would be within four days that someone would come by and set up our broadband, but it turned out to be the next day.  And this is why I can sit here and write to you with my very own Internet connection.  Yay.


One thought on “Connectivity

  1. wow! i shall never take your posts for granted! sorry about all the headache and stress this seemingly simple issue caused… but so grateful you were able to eventually discover a solution! yay!

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