I have a confession to make.  I did not thoroughly enjoy the seventh season of Gilmore Girls.  I thought there were definitely some poor writing decisions and just overall awkwardness between characters.

Despite that, I wanted to know if there were any jewels in the dialogue during season seven.  I dug up one about Poptarts.  Enjoy.

Rory: Are you enjoying your breakfast?
Lorelai: I don’t know if I like Pop-Tarts.
Rory: Did you fall on your head while you were sleeping?
Lorelai: I don’t know. Do I like this? Is this something I like?
Rory: So you fell on your head and now you have a specific amnesia, is that it?
Lorelai: I mean, last night I was dreading mom and dad’s reaction to the break-up. Right?
Rory: Right, dread, dread, I remember.
Lorelai: Then they didn’t react, not one bit. And it’s almost like the absence of their reaction was worse than any freak-out they could have had.
Rory: Ok. Sure.
Lorelai: Then I thought why? Why do I care if they freak out? I mean what do I get out of it?
Rory: Uh huh.
Lorelai: And then I thought maybe their freak outs are like some kind of compass for me, like I know I’m doing what I want to do if it freaks them out, and then I thought, what if I don’t wanna do what I wanna do because I wanna do it. but because they don’t want me to.
Rory: Huh?
Lorelai: I mean, what if I don’t like what I like because I like it, but because my mother doesn’t like it, and doesn’t want me to like it. What if I don’t actually like what I like – the music that I like, or the movies, or the clothes, or the men??? What if I don’t like what I seem to like?
Rory: Ah! Hence the Pop-Tart.
Lorelai: Yes, hence. I can remember the first time I had a Pop-Tart. It was at my friend Erica Catcha’s house and she said do you want a Pop-Tart, and I knew that my mother would recoil at the very idea of me. I could just picture her – A Pop-Tart??? And so I had one. And I opened the little silver wrapper, and I took a bite, and I thought nothing had ever tasted so good. I thought it tasted like… freedom… It tasted like I was my own person. The Pop-Tart tasted like freedom and rebellion and independence.
Rory: Wow. That’s some Pop-Tart. What flavor was that?


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