Annoulement Board

We’ve lived in the same apartment for four years.  Hard to believe since most people that live on our side of the world tend to move a lot.  There’s so many things I’ve come to love about this apartment – the view, the elevator (most buildings do not have elevators), the built-in closets (most houses don’t have these either), and the purple polka dotted curtains in the living room (okay, maybe I do not love those).  But one quirky thing that warms my heart when I walk into our column is the big board next to the elevator where the apartment complex can posts announcements to its tenants.

In bright red letters, it reads “Annoulement Board”.

This brings up several questions:  What is an annoulement?  Is it French?  Why does there even need to be English on the board in the first place?

Alas, I have not figured out the answers to these questions.  For another day, I suppose.

Anyway, Macy has a little annoulement of her own.

(If you can’t read her shirt, it says “Big Sister”).

Yes, we are going to be parents again.  We are pretty excited about this new little bundle and really excited for Macy to have a buddy.  I think (I actually have no idea since I am an only child) that at first she may be a little (or a lot) unhappy with our decision to grow the family, but later on hopefully will realize how awesome it is to have someone to play with.  Or boss around.  Or both.

My due date is somewhere in the vicinity of January 5, 2012.  I feel pretty happy about this because as you may remember being in the fattest part of my pregnancy in May was not my most pleasant memory.  Maybe this time my feet will not swell as much.  A girl can hope, can’t she?


5 thoughts on “Annoulement Board

  1. awesome!!! how did i know this was coming? maybe because your comment a couple of months back saying you had both agreed on having two children. 😉 yes, i caught that lil’ detail… and i’m so thankful Dad is so good and takes care of ALL of the details, both big and small! celebrating with you! (((hugs)))

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