Heightened Senses

Lately, I’ve noticed a little difference in my senses.  Sight, hearing, touch, and taste (most of the time) are all pretty much the same, but my sense of smell has…well, multiplied.

Today, for example:

Me: Something smells in our refrigerator.  Do you smell that?  It smells really bad.

(five minutes later)

Jeff goes over to the fridge.

Jeff: There’s just some lasagna in here.  And vegetables.  I don’t smell anything.

Me: (sigh) I smell everything.

Only 6 more months and hopefully my sense of smell will find its way back to…normal.


3 thoughts on “Heightened Senses

  1. Usually the heightened sense of smell only lasts a few months. I used to able to tell when someone opened the pantry door (where we kept the trash can at our last house) even when I was upstairs! Also, I made Steve’s coffee in the downstairs bathroom – with the door closed! Also, different smells bothered me with different pregnancies. For me, no two pregnancies were the same, just as no two kids were the same.

    Hang in there, this too shall pass!

  2. yuck! i’m sorry about the smells. they do seem to lurk everywhere, don’t they? 😉 anyhoo, hope you’re feeling good these days and that you’re able to enjoy these special days with macy. (((hugs)))

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