Hair Color

The other day Jeff and I were out running errands and a guy had a very important question he wanted to ask.

Mr. Wang (I don’t actually know his last name, but this is a common one, so I could be right) – Why do you have blonde hair?

Me – I’m sorry, can you say that again?

Mr. Wang – Why do you have blonde hair and he has brown hair?

Me – (laughing).  hey Jeff.  This guy wants to know why you have brown hair and I have blonde hair.

Jeff – (toward Mr. Wang)  She’s not my sister.  She’s my wife.  We don’t look alike.

Mr. Wang – (bewildered look)

Me – A lot of people from the U.S. have different colored hair.

Other people that had come to listen to our conversation – Yeah, didn’t you know that?  Americans have different color hair and eyes.  Some of them have blue eyes.

Jeff – Yes.  I have blue eyes and my wife has brown eyes.

Mr. Wang – (still looking bewildered)

Poor guy.  He had honestly never thought about the fact that there were other places where everyone did not share the same eye color and hair color.  It’s for this reason I’ve always been grateful Macy wasn’t born blonde.  She gets plenty of attention being a foreign toddler, but not nearly as much as if she had blonde hair.  It just looks so strange compared to all the black hair you see every day.  🙂


One thought on “Hair Color

  1. When we lived in C, people actually told Steve that he could not be Clara’s father since he has brown hair and she had blonde-red hair like me. We left C, when I was 6 months pregnant with Eileen, and she was born with brown hair. When we sent pictures back of Eileen, this confused our C friends greatly. They finally decided she had brown hair because I was pregnant with her in C (apparently brown hair rubs off on an unborn child while you’re there).

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