June 29, 2003

Me – hey, Jeff.  Do you remember what happened eight years ago today?  Anything significant?  (See Seven Years Ago Today for a cheat sheet).

Jeff – Um, Macy was born?

Me – Yeah.  Macy is eight years old today.

Two hours later.

Me – So you really don’t remember?  What happened eight years ago today?

Jeff – Macy was born, right?  (smiling)  Of course I know what June 29 is.  We went to the movies to see Charlie’s Angels.

Me – (smiling) Well, why didn’t you just say that earlier?

Jeff – I thought it would be funnier.

Eight years later and the same sense of humor.  Some things will never change.


3 thoughts on “June 29, 2003

  1. Seems like yesterday when Jeff moved in with us.(not literally) Today is also my mother’s birthday – what a great day.

  2. silly boy! charlie’s angels. i can honestly say i’ve never seen them. wow. i guess i’m boring… and totally out of touch. thankful for people like you who can keep us clued in! 😉 happy 8 years.

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