Boxes and Rice Bags

A couple of things that do not make me jump up for joy:

1. Cockroaches

2. Piles of dirty laundry

3. Mud

4. Turnip greens

5. Packing

When I look at this list, of course, I ‘d rather be packing than say…dealing with lots of cockroaches.  But I do not love to pack.  Unless maybe it was for a cruise.  Or a vacation to Europe.  Whichever came first.

However, there is a season for everything.  And this is my season for packing.

My once semi-organized house now looks more like this –

The office has become a haven for packed boxes/suitcases/lots of other stuff that still needs to be packed.

Our two big bookcases have been taken apart and are now stacked up ready to go.

This, of course, means that Macy’s books (which were once “neatly” put away on the shelves) are now…

stacked up in random areas of the house and/or…

laying all over the place 🙂

And my bedroom window is full of rice bags (the preferred bag of the people here for moving lots of stuff)

I can see why.  They’re cheap, lightweight, and you really can shove a lot of stuff in there.

Ah, packing.  I am ready for you to be over with.

And then begins the unpacking.


2 thoughts on “Boxes and Rice Bags

  1. Anita and Jeanette wish we were there to help unpack rice bags and put Macy’s books back on the shelves! OR play with Macy while you do it!

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