What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger

Whoever said that has never moved in this country.


I’m sure I’ll be blogging more about the little details of our moving experience (and what an experience it was), but for now we’ll go with the highlights.

8:30 AM – Movers scheduled to show up.

8:50 AM – Movers show up.

They start by grabbing all the bags/boxes/suitcases.  Jeff is like – wait, shouldn’t you get the bed first?  Or the dresser?  Or the heavy stuff?

This was our first clue.

Once the movers get started, Jeff needs to run to the bike shop to get his bike fixed.  He leaves.  Within 2 minutes (no joke), one of the guys comes up and says – you have too much stuff.  We’re going to need another truck.  (This, of course, doubles the price).  I say – nope.  The guy yesterday said it would only take one truck and he saw all our stuff.  Wait until my husband gets back.

I call Jeff.  He comes back quickly.

He rearranges the entire truck (gotta love that spatial reasoning giftedness).  Suddenly, all the rest of our stuff will fit.  Hmm.  The movers race back up and finish loading the truck.

And we’re off.

All the stuff made it in the new apartment – about 70% in the right vicinity.  They leave.

I throw our mattress down on the ground, find the sheets, and lay Macy down next to me.  Within 20 minutes, she’s out.  Victory.

Jeff and I put together Macy’s bed and most of her room.

Macy wakes up.

Internet guy calls.  Are we home?  Yes, come on by.  He gets the Internet working, but within five minutes it’s back out.  He’ll come back tomorrow.  Something must be wrong in the apartment complex.  Another hmm.  (Maybe he had a date).

We got out to dinner with friends that have come into town.  Very nice that the restaurant is only 5 minutes away instead of 20.  One of the reasons we moved.  We cling to this and try not to think of our very long to-do list.

Jeff has something to do so I bring Macy back.  Shower time.  No hot water.  This is a problem because she’s already half-wet and half-soapy.  I hose her down as quickly as I can saying “sorry, sorry” the whole time.

Jammies on.  We find books to read.  Teeth brushed.  Into Macy’s room.  She says, “bed”.  I put her in her bed and she’s out.  Big victory.  It’s usually hard for her to go to sleep the first night at a new place.  But this is all her stuff so that helps.

Jeff comes home a little later.  We make a list of things to do.  It’s intimidate-ingly long.  (I like making up new words).

Ask landlord for card to turn hot water on

Get internet turned on

Fix toilet (there’s a problem with the hall bathroom)

Get another key (we only have one)

Set up bathrooms so that the water stays in the shower area (I’ll have to take a picture of this one)


Put all the furniture together (bed, bookcases, etc.)

There’s more, but I think you get the gist.

We go to bed about 10:30.  At 11, Macy cries out hysterically.  She doesn’t know where she is.  Jeff goes and gets her and she conks out immediately in between us.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.  Right? 🙂


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