What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger Part 2

Day 1 in new house:

Macy up at 6:30.

No hot water still.

We throw on clothes and hit McDonald’s for breakfast.  (Now we live in pretty close proximity to one)

Jeff is going out to help a friend so Macy and I “unpack” for a little while – she climbs on stuff and I try to entertain her while unpacking.  The landlord brings over the hot water card.  Yay.

Dryer man calls.  Am I home?  He’s coming to fix the dryer.

Internet man calls.  Am I home?  He’s coming to fix the Internet.

Yes and yes.

They show up within minutes of each other.  I point the dryer man in one direction and the Internet man in the other direction.  Macy has lots of fun running between the rooms saying – “Internet man!  Dryer man!”  Fortunately, they do not speak English and don’t understand what she’s saying.

Dryer fixed.  Internet on.  I almost hug the Internet guy for getting the wifi working but decide that would be awkward.

It’s almost time for lunch.  I have…uh…peanut butter in the house.

Macy and I trek out to go find bread.

We find some.  And bananas.  We trek back home.  It’s hot.

We eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch with a side of banana.  Yum.

Macy goes down relatively easy for her nap.  I spend more time rearranging and unpacking and then sit down for a few minutes to enjoy my newfound Internet.

Jeff comes home after naptime.  He puts together our bed and a bookcase.  More unpacking.

We eat out to celebrate our first night in our new apartment (and because we don’t have any food).

Macy sleeps from about 8:45 until 6:50 the next morning. In her own bed.  Victory.

Day two in new house:

Very productive morning.  Macy get to play outside with our helper and we rearrange the entire dining room area plus unpack a lot of the kitchen.  Jeff puts together more furniture.  We run to the store and stock up on stuff like paper towels, milk, roach bait (very important), and a plunger.

We get home.  The electricity is out.  At first I think it’s just our apartment, but it is the entire apartment complex.  No wait – the entire block.  Rolling blackout?

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch round two.  I’m nothing if not creative…this time we have dragon fruit with our meal.

Still no electricity.

Time for Macy’s nap.  She falls asleep but within an hour is back up crying and sweating.  Poor baby.  I wish I had a battery powered fan.

Jeff’s gone to meet our previous landlord and give them back keys, etc.  We accidentally (I, accidentally) left cheese in the freezer.  Oops.  He retrieves the cheese.  And some other stuff we forgot.

When he gets home it’s like 3ish and still no electricity.  It’s been off since about 10:30-11.  Our house is getting hotter.  We go out to a different store to get some free a/c during the heat of the day.

Out to dinner with a friend.  Back home by 7ish.

Electricity back on!  You never appreciate your air-conditioning as much as you do right after it’s been off.

Macy showers, read books, brushes teeth.  Early bed time for a little girl who didn’t get much of a nap.  Fortunately, her room is now being cooled with a/c.

Whew.  Day two over.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


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