Please, Baby, Please

One of the greatest books that I read to Macy almost every day is called “Please, Baby, Please”.  It’s the story of a toddler’s mother and just a typical day in her life (and the baby’s, of course).  Basically, she spends her day asking the baby to do things – eat your peas, keep her crayons off the wall, don’t eat sand, etc. – adding, of course “please, baby, please” in different variations.

It is one of the most accurate books I’ve ever read about parenting a toddler.  If you’re interested, you can check the book out here.

Today Macy and I spent the whole day together (which really isn’t very unusual) and we ended our day by reading this book.  I thought a little bit about what my day would look like if I put it into a book with “please, baby, please” after everything.

Put your shoes on, Macy.  Please, baby.

Don’t climb on the couch, Macy.  Baby, baby, baby.

Only color on the paper, Macy.  Not on the floor, carpet, couch, wall.

Hold my hand, Macy.  Please, baby, please.

Let’s clean up the Legos, Macy.  Please.

Don’t climb on the kitchen table, Macy.  Oh, baby.

Slow down, Macy!  You’re going to fall!

Time to brush teeth, Macy.  Open up please, baby, please.

Night, night Macy girl.  I love you.  Sleep tight.


4 thoughts on “Please, Baby, Please

  1. what a fun glimpse into your life! oh macy sure does sound like a busy girl! so thankful you’re enjoying these days with her! it’s such a fun time of exploration and growth! =)

  2. Very cute way of putting it. Do you every think it is funny that every time we Skype with Macy she asks for “Busy, Busy Baby”?

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