Too Little

After I told my in-laws that I was pregnant with Macy, they sent us a package and inside were some really cute brown Crocs – just right for a little baby.  I knew I still had them, but I wasn’t sure where they ended up with all the packing/unpacking.

Macy found them today.  She didn’t quite understand that they were too little.

Here’s her foot hanging out of the back…

Even though I knew those shoes would never fit her now, it’s still pretty amazing to see how much she has grown in these last two years.  She’s changed a lot – she climbs on higher stuff, she speaks in full sentences, she can express why she is upset (most of the time) – and in some ways is exactly the way she’s been since birth – very independent (I do it..self!), loves people, eats just about anything, and would rather be moving than sitting still.

So I was thankful for the small reminder today to cherish each day.  Before you know it, that little baby of yours will be two years old – and her baby shoes will be just too little.


2 thoughts on “Too Little

  1. oh my! thanks for the gentle reminder. i think there’s a need for macy to have a pair of crocs her own size. of course, we use our crocs as “inside shoes”… love’em! 🙂

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