Beauty Shop

Growing up, I loved playing beauty shop.  What little girl doesn’t?  Macy has become a big fan since we’ve been back on the east side…she has her own personal beauty consultant who comes to her house several days a week just to make sure her hair is looking good for playtime.

I’m kidding.

Sort of.

Since Macy was first born, the same lady  has been coming to our house to watch her a few mornings a week so that I could a. take a shower b. eat breakfast and c. study some language.  Not necessarily in that order.  Macy LOVES her.  In this language, we call her “auntie” and the label fits.

Every morning that Ayi (auntie) comes through the front door, Macy starts to giggle and gets really excited.  She knows that this is the one person who only comes over to see JUST her (well, besides her grandparents of course).  🙂

And the first words out of her mouth are – “Ayi! Shu bianzi hao!” – translation: “Auntie! Fix my hair!”

So they sit on the couch and together pick out which color rubberbands will coordinate with Macy’s outfit and talk about which clips they should put in the front.  Every day Macy looks a little bit different.

It’s pretty cute.  There’s no way I can compete when it comes to hair-dos.

Here’s a pic from before we moved…

And a couple more from today…

When we were in Houston, I took Macy to the same lady who has cut my hair since I was a kid (believe it or not).  The last time we saw her, she french-braided Macy’s hair in two pigtails…ooh, wait I think I have pics of that too…

Anyway, so today Macy and I were talking about her hair and she said, “Lulu braid Macy’s hair.”  I asked her to repeat herself and she did, “Lulu braid Macy’s hair.”  I said, “You’re right, baby.  Lulu did braid your hair in America, didn’t she?”  She said, “See Lulu!  See Lulu!”  I was at a loss so I said, “Um, well Lulu’s sleeping right now.  But I bet if she were here she would braid your hair.” And she said, “See Lulu”.  Hmm.  🙂

It’s pretty amazing what they hold on to.


3 thoughts on “Beauty Shop

  1. love the hairstyles! for some reason, playing with hair = love in my book. with that said, i’m seriously looking forward to when my own lil’ sprout has some hair of her own!

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