Donut Holes

While we were in Houston, we lived VERY near a Shipley’s donuts.  And not just any Shipley’s donuts.  The one on Ella that makes hot glazed donuts at ANY time when you order one.  The first time we went by I asked Jeff what was taking so long.  He told me that whenever you order a glazed donut they will give you a hot one.  This was pretty mind-blowing (in suburbia, they don’t do stuff like that).

Anyway, Macy got to have some of these spectacular-ly wonderful donuts several (a lot) of times while we were home.  She especially loved the donut holes.  It got to where if we went through the drive-thru (any drive-thru), she would start yelling, “Donut holes! Donut holes!”

So the other day, I was with her in a bread shop down the street buying bread.  I saw these things that kind-of, sort-of looked like donuts.  At least they looked like bread with a lot of sugar on them.  So I told her I was buying her a special treat that she could have after she ate lunch.

As we were eating, I said, “Ok, Macy girl.  One more bite and then you can have your special treat – a donut!”

You should have seen her little face light up.  “Donut holes! Donut holes!” she cried.  She was so excited.

So I broke her off a piece and gave it to her.  She shoved it in with her little fingers.

And then spit it back out.

“Donut holes? Donut holes?” she looked at me questioningly.

“Aw, baby.  That’s all I have.  I thought it would taste more like donuts.”

“Donut holes? Donut holes?” She was still pretty confused.

I felt like the worst mother in the world.  Here I was, thinking I was doing something nice, but really I just got my daughter’s hopes up for something that I couldn’t give her.  So sad.

I started looking up donut recipes the next day.  Surely I can produce something that tastes more like Shipley’s than that little bakery could.


**Does anyone have a good donut recipe?  Remember I don’t have access to specialized “American” ingredients.  The simpler, the better.


4 thoughts on “Donut Holes

  1. I remember Mrs. Gabler using canned biscuits and cutting out a hole, frying them and putting them in powdered or regular sugar.
    I love my girls and I know they need donuts!!

  2. The next time you’re in GZ, you need to give me a call! We recently got Dunkin’ Donuts! (not as good as hot Shipley’s, but definitely a real donut)

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