Pancake Song

A lot of times the way to my heart is through food.  Especially when I’m pregnant and in my second trimester – the hungriest of trimesters I learned with Macy.  And when I’m overseas, the way to my heart is often “American” food.  My mom offered to send Jeff and I a package for our anniversary next month and the only thing I wanted in it was junk food.  Ok, and Wheat Thins.  Do Wheat Thins count as junk food?

But I digress.

A good friend of ours has come to our side of the world recently and he and his wife felt the need to bless us through food.  Jeff asked him to bring me a bag of Sour Patch watermelons and a small bottle of syrup.  Sounds strange when you list those things together, but that’s what we “needed”.  Our city is fresh out of pancake syrup and I’ve tried (semi-successfully) to make my own syrup.  Three words – not the same.

The Sour Patch watermelons was just because I was craving them when they asked if they could bring anything.  🙂

They went above and beyond the call.  He brought SIX bags of Sour Patch watermelons and two GINORMOUS bottles of syrup – like the kind you buy at Costco.  I couldn’t believe he carried them all the way over here in his duffel.

So the first morning after we got the syrup, I made pancakes.  Blueberry pancakes at that.  I was excited about having real syrup and Macy was excited about blueberries (they’re kind of a rarity around here) so we decided to have a little music with our breakfast.

Jack Johnson to be exact.  We listened to “Banana Pancakes” about 5 times and Macy has forever dubbed it the “Pancake Song”.  Now she’ll just randomly stop playing, come up to me and say –


“Yes, baby.”


“You want to hear a song?”


“Which song?”

“Pancake song.”

So thank you, M&K.  You truly blessed this girl.  And her little girl.


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