I’ve only bought one thing from Ebay.  It was a stuffed giraffe that looks exactly like Macy’s stuffed giraffe she sleeps with every night.  That guy goes EVERYWHERE with us (not literally, I just mean when we travel) and hopefully provides the comfort of “home” in our many stays in hotel rooms around the world.  Anyway, one day last year I realized that it would probably be a good idea if I had a spare and Ebay was the only place I could find one.  So I bought it.  Totally worth it.

The country we live in has their own version of Ebay.  Apparently, you can buy just about anything – computers, cars, groceries – you name it, it’s there.  And for a relatively cheap shipping cost, you can have it delivered straight to your door.

I never thought much about it until some other ex-pat friends started talking about it.  I’d ask where they bought something and they’d tell me on “ebay” and I would be shocked.  Accessories for the home, Western food items, even some Carter’s kids clothing all were bought off this website.

I was intrigued.

Jeff starting hunting around on it when we got back to this side of the ocean and every now and then he would say things like – hey, we can buy such-and-such on here.  And I would say, that’s cool.  He even found English children’s books – Sandra Boynton, the Spot books, Clifford, and some Eric Carle.  But I never thought we’d be smart enough to set up our own account and actually buy stuff.  For one, the website has NO English.  For another, you have to have an in-country bank account that is set up electronically with a special key card thing so that you can make purchases.  I’m not sure credit cards are an option.  And third, there are times you have to negotiate with the seller over shipping costs, etc.  You use like an instant message program and you are typing, of course, in the national language.  Hmm.  I can speak pretty well, but my “writing” skills leave something to be desired.

We were talking about it one day and Jeff’s teacher overheard us.  He offered to help us set it up and teach us how to use it.  I made him peanut butter cookies.  Not an even trade, by the way.

After a couple of hours at the bank (going to the bank here is never a short experience), we had our bank account set up to be electronic.  Jeff’s teacher took us through the bank website and the ebay website, setting up new accounts, passwords, putting our address in, etc.  It was kind of a draining afternoon.

Time for our first purchase.

I, of course, lobbied for chocolate.  I lost (this time).

We wanted to buy something small just in case it didn’t work out.  I have been craving chocolate chip cookies and so we decided to get some imported brown sugar.  We can get “brown” sugar in our city, but it just doesn’t taste the same.  Plus the imported brown sugar was cheap.

We clicked buy.

Well, Jeff’s teacher clicked it.  I was afraid to click anything.

Three days later, the brown sugar showed up.  It was beautiful.

I’m ready to make my cookies now.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Ebay

  1. Does this mean that my shopping days are over for you and Macy?
    I guess you do have my shopping gene. Of course, I shop for clothes for you and Macy and you shop for chocolate.

  2. way to go! some months back i proclaimed that i wasn’t going to waste our money on taxis and kill myself going to 10 stores to find that one piece of clothing our children needed. at the time i also declared that i’d be making all my purchases online, from the states. (insert grimace here.) the local version of ebay however has saved both of us quite a bit of time/$/stress. i hope that it serves you well too… and don’t forget to always look on there before buying anything from the states… i’ve been surprised by all the things i have found. also, on a side note, google translater is a wonderful tool when ‘searching.’ yay for the gift of convenience!

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