26 Degrees

The other day I saw they had posted a new notice downstairs by our elevator.  I couldn’t read the whole thing so I asked Jeff’s teacher to take a look the next time he came up.

It said that everyone in our city and in our apartment complex should be doing their best to conserve electricity.  They asked everyone to keep their air-conditioning at no lower than 26 degrees Celsius for the next few weeks and on certain days to please turn their air-conditioners off.  By doing this, we would help our city conserve power.

And if not, they threatened to turn off the apartment complex’s electricity for seven days.

Oh, well in that case.

26 degrees Celsius is about the equivalent of 80 degrees.  (I’m rounding up).  This is fine in the mornings, but in the afternoons when it is about 94-95 degrees Fahrenheit, 26 degrees Celsius does not feel…um…very cool.

And yesterday was supposed to be a day that we kept our a/c units off.  The entire day.

We may have cheated.

I kept waiting for someone to come pounding on my door – hey, you foreigner!  Turn off your a/c!  We have sensors out here and we know that you are running yours.

But Jeff’s teacher assured me that while they did want you to comply with their request, there was really no way they could force you.  He said the entire city probably had these notices posted in every apartment complex.

I still felt a little guilty.

Not enough to turn off the a/c.  It is HOT.  And I’m pregnant.

So I’m sorry to our city.  We did turn our air-conditioners up to 26 degrees for most of the day.

We’ll try to be better tomorrow.


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