Macy’s Friends

Over her short life of two years, Macy has quite the stuffed animal collection.  When she was little, they didn’t get played with much, but now they are seeing some good playtime.

She likes to line them up on her pink couch and then snuggle.  One of the first times we did this, I said, “Wow Macy!  You have so many friends!”  So now she calls them her friends.

On Friday, we got all the friends out to play.  It was so cute I wanted to snap a picture.

So then on Saturday afternoon, she got all her friends back out.  And then asked me to take a picture.  How could I refuse? 🙂

You may or may notice that she’s wearing a pair of pink flip-flops.  We don’t wear shoes in our homes over here, but these little shoes came in a package this afternoon from my parents and she would not take them off the rest of the day.

Night, night Macy’s friends.  Until tomorrow.


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