Most Wednesday mornings are family mornings.  We may go out to breakfast, go to a park, hit a playground, or do something else equally Macy-friendly.

This Wednesday morning was very special because Tuesday night, I made donuts…from scratch.  (Yes, I know most of you don’t believe this, but it is true.  My love for my child overrides my awkwardness in the kitchen.  See Donut Holes if you have no idea what I”m talking about.)

I’ve made these cake donuts one other time and wow, they are yummy.  They taste just as good or better than cake donuts I’ve had in the States.  As soon as I get a little braver (and stock up on some yeast), I plan on tackling yeast donuts next.  (Yes, yes, also unbelievable I know.)

So Wednesday morning when we got up, all that was left to do was roll out the dough and fry ’em up.

Jeff hard at work while Macy poses for me…now anytime she sees the camera she has to pause and say, “Cheese!!”

Daddy and Macy pose

Rolling out the donuts…

The only thing we have to cut the donuts are cookie cutters…Christmas cookie cutters, to be exact.  Makes it more festive, don’t you think?  🙂

And the finished product…yum.

*I’d like to send another special thanks to my good friend Rachel for sending me all her donut recipes in my time of need.  You’re the best, Rachel!


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