Small Moments

Sometimes being a parent is tough.  (Did I hear an “amen” from all my mom friends out there?)  However, there are moments where you look at your child and think – Wow.  That’s pretty amazing.  God created you, I carried you around for 9 months, and now here you are.  Learning, growing, laughing.  It’s such a whirlwind, but one that is so worth the ride.

Today, I looked over and Macy was reading herself a book.  This is one of the sweetest things to me – first of all because I place a high value on reading and we spend a lot of time reading books together and two because Macy NEVER sits still.  So the fact that she chooses to use her “still” time on reading a book makes me feel good inside.

I had to grab the camera.

I managed to get two shot of her “reading” – one of her counting the stars on the page…

And another one of her reading the book to herself.

Then it was time to pose.


Normally, we have Macy’s books arranged on a couple of shelves so that most of them she can reach herself.  She thought they would be more organized this way…

Well, at least they’re in easy reach.

Happy reading, baby girl.  I will keep savoring all your still moments.


2 thoughts on “Small Moments

  1. Amazing! Macy, read me a book when I come. And sit still and let me read lots of books to you. I love that you are counting the stars.

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