New Desk

According to the Internet, for a seventh anniversary the appropriate gift is copper and/or wool – or if you’re going modern a new desk.  Hmm.  Amazingly enough, we did just buy a new desk.  However, I’m not sure this should count for my anniversary present.

Nor should the vacuum cleaner we had to buy because our old one broke.

We brought in the seventh anniversary by staying up too late making donuts.  Yeast donuts.  These are WAY more complicated than the cake donuts, but didn’t turn out too bad.  Only about half of them rose enough, but I was still pretty proud of us.  Seven years ago, boiling spaghetti was about all I could do in the kitchen and look at me now – making donuts!!  Who would have ever believed it?  (My mother is probably laughing right now).  Macy was beyond thrilled to have donut holes – real donut holes – to eat for breakfast.

I still remember our wedding day pretty clearly.  It was the only day in all of August (and probably all of July) that Houston had this freakish cool front come through and the weather was gorgeous.  Tons of family flew in and lots of friends made their way to see us get hitched.  I can’t remember ever smiling so much in one day.  I truly felt blessed.

To close, I’ll attach one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day.  I love Paul’s (the pastor) expression.  It’s almost like he’s thinking – these two really got married?! 🙂  I’m sure to some it’s still hard to believe.

Jeff, thank you for seven years.  Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? 🙂


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