Two for the Price of One

The other day, Macy was just eating a peach for her snack when all of a sudden…the doorbell rang!

Who could it be?

It was the PACKAGE MAN!!

And he was delivering not one – but TWO – very precious packages.

Our moms went to two different post offices on two different days…and yet somehow both packages arrived at our house on the same day at the same time.

Go figure.

For those of you who live overseas, you can understand my excitement about seeing these packages chock full of American goodies.  For those of you who live in the States (or in the Western world), you may not quite understand the excitement.

Imagine with me a world with no…Keeblers cookies.  Powdered sugar.  Goldfish crackers.  Lipton Onion Soup Mix.  Taco seasoning. Dora Bandaids.  I know, I know the Dora Bandaids really put it over the top, didn’t it?

And multiply that by a hundred.

Now (hopefully), you can share a little bit in my excitement.

Jeff opens up the packages…

The first box is from Jeff’s parents…it’s for our anniversary.  Jeff got to pick out most of what was in it, because I got to pick out most of the previous one my parents sent.

Although I did get to sneak in one thing – those cheesecake middle cookies by Keebler.  So good.  Jeff picked out the Nutty Bars and jalapenos.  I don’t even really like Nutty Bars, but these looked really good. 🙂

You probably can’t tell what this is, but it shows my mother-in-law’s awesome brain at work.  We asked for Nilla Wafers in order to make orange balls (this amazing dessert with a lot of powdered sugar rolled into a ball) and then told her to take them off the list because they probably wouldn’t fit in the box.  We were going to crush them anyway, so she went ahead and crushed them up and put them in two Ziploc bags so they would make it here.  Fabulous.

This is a super book that didn’t make it back in our luggage, so Jeff asked his mom to send it.  It gives ideas for a lot of different activities for Macy to do.  (And trust me, sometimes I need some ideas).

And the best part for Macy…Dora Bandaids.  I have a feeling that she won’t be feeling any pain if we put a Dora Bandaid on her boo boo.

I had asked my mom to send things Macy and I could do when it rained or was 90 million degrees outside.  Most afternoons here, it is either/or.  It can make for a bummer afternoon.

She obliged by sending tons of activity books, stickers, and paint with water.  She also threw in a couple of food items just for fun.

And a new Dora puzzle!  Both moms ended up sending Dora puzzles – we’ve only gotten one out so far.  Don’t tell Macy, but I like to hide away new toys/games so that when I pull them out one at a time they are really special.  Sneaky, sneaky.

Sending a big thank you to both of our families for blessing us with tons of love and stuff all the way from Houston, Texas.  We would be lost without you.

And hungrier for sure. 🙂


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