Are you ever somewhere and you can’t believe you don’t have your camera?

The other night, some good friends invited us over for dinner and to wrap dumplings.  This is pretty normal – the people here are always trying to teach us foreigners how to do “simple” Asian things, like wrapping dumplings.  (We’re not very good at it.  But they learned how when they were kids, so they have the advantage).

Our hostess went all out and made probably six other dishes besides the dumplings (we probably wrapped a hundred or more dumplings).  There were only five adults total and Macy so as you can imagine it was a lot of food.  This is also pretty normal.  It would be very uncomfortable for the host if they ran out of food, so they tend to make twice as much as is needed.

In front of Macy’s seat was a kind of fried meat.  She kept reaching for it before we started eating.  “Mommy – chicken!  I want chicken!”

It wasn’t chicken.

It was duck bill.

She loved it.  Ah, my strangely bi-cultural kid.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of her chowing down on the duck bill. It was just so funny.  Jeff did me a huge favor and “helped” her eat some – meaning he got to eat some too.  I was spared this go round and instead focused mainly on the dumplings.  They pretty much left the pregnant girl alone.

Our friends did take a picture of Macy eating the duck so if I ever get a copy of it, I promise to post it on here.  Classic.

Maybe next time it’ll be chicken foot.  🙂


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