Lately, everything has been “yesterday”.

“Mommy, Macy fall down yesterday.”

“Eat avocado yesterday Mommy.”

“See puppy dog yesterday.”

“Feed baby birdies yesterday.”

“Xi Yang Yang jumpy castle yesterday.”

You may not quite understand that last one.  Xi Yang Yang (sounds like “she yang yang”) is a cartoon character that is very popular amongst the young population here.  There are backpacks, pencils, stuffed animals, balloons – and of course, the TV show – all with Xi Yang Yang’s face.  Plus, on almost every corner are these little cars with Xi Yang Yang that if you pay 1 kuai (the equivalent of about 15 cents) you can ride for a couple of minutes.  Macy LOVES these.

So last night, we took her a ginormous jumpy castle – or moonwalk, if that works better for you.  But these are so different from what we have in the States – they are like ten times as big and have different “elements” to them – characters you can climb on, mini-slides and even tunnels you can climb through.

I tried taking a picture of Macy when she came up to the front of the moonwalk, but I just don’t think this picture does it justice.

For one thing, she looks really depressed.  She really wasn’t…she’s just intently watching another toddler who is getting to ride in one of the Xi Yang Yang cars.  I think after I took this picture she starting dancing to the music.  The giant sheep looking guy in the background is Xi Yang Yang if you were wondering.

We paid the equivalent of a dollar for Macy to get to play – pretty awesome considering there is no time limit.  But after a while, even she tired out and it was time to come home.

The whole way home she told me – “Xi Yang Yang jumpy castle Mommy”.

It always feels good to make your kids happy.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. One day she just started talking about what we did yesterday – and then every day after she started telling me again what we did yesterday. So that day, she was telling me about the Xi Yang Yang jumpy castle. 🙂

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