When I was a kid, I can remember thinking that losing electricity was one of the most fun things ever.  You got out the candles or the flashlights, maybe played a board game, and got to eat the ice cream in case it started melting in the freezer.  During storms, I used to hope and hope that the lights would go out.

I don’t quite feel the same way as an adult.

For the last couple of days, we’ve been dealing with electricity outages.  It’s just our house this time – not a city-wide rolling blackout – but still just as frustrating.  There’s something wrong with our fuse box and depending on what we turned on – our power would just blow.

At first, it wasn’t too bad.  We mostly are in the living room/kitchen during the day and then in bedrooms at night, so as long as you kept half of the house “off” the power would stay on for that part of the house.

Until yesterday.

Last night, the power starting turning off with just one dryer, one a/c unit, and a couple of lights on.  This was our first clue.  We turned off the dryer to keep the a/c on (priorities).  Waited.  It blew again.  Turned a/c off, left lights on.  Okay for a little while longer and then blew again.

We managed to get through the evening with the refrigerator on, one light in the dining room, and Macy’s air-conditioner going.  And then it was time for us to go to bed.  We tried turning on our air-conditioner along with Macy’s and the refrigerator.


We let it sit for a couple of minutes and tried only turning on our a/c and the fridge.  Went well for a few minutes, so I pulled a sleepy Macy out of her bed and put her in ours.  Figured it would better to sleep family-style with one a/c working than sleep separately with two units not working.

Ten minutes later, it went out.  (At this point, we are just running the fridge and one a/c.  Big problem.)

I can’t sleep because I keep thinking about all the food we have in our fridge that will spoil.  We just went to the grocery store and stocked up, so my fridge is chock-full of butter, chicken, cheese, yogurt, sausage.  Bummer.

Jeff gets up and flips the switch again.  Electricity comes back on.

Five minutes later, goes back out.

Jeff waits two minutes, gets back up and flips the switch.  Electricity on.

We turn our air-conditioner as far up as we can take so that it won’t turn on very often.  We figure this way the fuse/system/whatever the problem is will get a break and maybe stay on all night.

I think it turned off two more times before I fell asleep and then managed to stay on most of the night.  Praise the Father.  I fell asleep thinking about rotting meat.  Lovely.

This morning, the system was working better – I even got to take a hot shower (with no lights) and we could run the big air-conditioner in the living room.  Awesome.  Jeff’s teacher helped me figure out the wifi (which reset itself).

And now we are calling the management office to get us a repair man. 🙂


One thought on “Surge

  1. I am really sorry for the horrible day that you had. Jeff told me it was the worst day since you got back. I think your childhood view of electrical outages was fun. I remember liking the candles, but I never thought of eating the ice cream! You are a genius!

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