Rule Follower

The new apartment complex that we moved into is a little more “fancy” that our old complex.  At our old complex, people would walk around in their pajamas.  In our new complex, most of the people I see are almost always in their work attire.

This same attitude goes the swimming pool.  At the old pool, we threw Macy in a swim diaper (gotta love America for those) and a bathing suit and she was ready to go.  But the first time Jeff went down to the pool, he was told that every person (no matter how old!) must wear a swim cap in the pool.

I remember thinking – there is NO way we are getting a hat on Macy.  And getting her to keep it on.

Amazingly, my little rebel has no problem following this rule…

Here she is, checking herself out in the mirror

Gotta love that swim cap 🙂

And here’s a random shot of her in a new bathing suit…

So, so cute.  One of my mom’s very sweet friends gave this to Macy recently.

So three cheers for swimming.  With your swim cap, of course.


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