Have a Magical Day

When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to get to go to Disney World several different occasions.  We had family nearby so we’d fly to Florida, see our family, and take a trip to the Magic Kingdom.  What wonderful memories.

I have so been looking forward to sharing Disney World (or Land in this case) with Macy.  On our other trips to Hong Kong, she’s been too little to take, but since Hong Kong DisneyLand is aimed more toward toddlers, I figured this would be the perfect time to try it out.

Hong Kong knows how to do some Disney.  Disney has its own subway line that takes you directly to the park complete with Mickey Mouse shaped windows and handles.  Each car has little statues of different Disney characters.  Here’s Macy enjoying the handles…

When you get off the subway, the voice tells you to “Have a magical day.”  So polite.

We got to the park a little early to buy tickets.  It was already fairly crowded and when they started letting people in, we noticed that some people were making a run into the park like their lives depended on it.  I couldn’t figured out why – I thought maybe they wanted to get on their favorite ride before the lines got too long.


Apparently, a lot of the tourists traveling to HK Disney are there not for the rides, but for the characters.  And at the beginning of the day, Mickey and Minnie set up shop for a limited time to take pictures together.  This is a pretty big deal.

Macy also thought it was a pretty big deal.  She didn’t want to move past Minnie Mouse.

You can’t tell from the picture, but there is a line of probably at least a hundred people waiting to have their picture taken with both Mickey and Minnie.  It might have been more.

At some point, Minnie notices the little white girl calling her name over and over again.  I think Macy is just in amazement and keeps saying – Oh!  Minnie Mouse!  Minnie!  Valentine’s Day!  (the only episode of Mickey Mouse clubhouse that she remembers is the one where Mickey makes Minnie a card for Valentine’s Day).

And then (to my amazement) she comes over to say hello.  At that moment, I want to give Minnie Mouse a big hug.

And then she gave Macy a big mouse kiss…

That started our day off right.

We decided to go check out some rides.  However, I didn’t do my homework because only the front part of the park (i.e. the shopping and eating) opens at 10.  And maybe some of the bigger rides (I’m not sure).  The part with the smaller rides – Dumbo, the carousel, Winnie-the-Pooh – opens at 10:30.

Great marketing strategy on Disney’s part.  They get you there at 10 and all you can really do is either shop or eat.  Considering it was already 100 degrees outside (not really, but it felt like it) and the stores were well air-conditioned, most of the people started migrating into shops.

After 10:30, we made it to Dumbo first.

Here we are in all our glory…me and my pregnant self and Macy and her red face.  It was HOT.  And only 10:45 am.

On flying Dumbo!  The breeze felt great.

Next up…the carousel

Macy is so happy to finally be on a horse.  We had to wait a little while to get on this one…and got a little hot and sweaty while we waited.

You can’t really tell what this picture is, but we are on “It’s a Small World” – the quintessential Disney ride.  This is Macy’s face during the ride.  She’s like – Wow.  This. Is. Awesome.

After we left the ride, she cried and said “Again, please.  Again.”  (This was a common theme throughout the day)

We ran into our first “character” not long after this…Alice in Wonderland.

Macy really liked Alice.  Here’s Alice showing Macy how to pose like a lady.


They set up several of the main Disney characters in like a park area with gazebos so that people can line up, take photos, and get autographs from the more famous characters – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Winnie-the-Pooh.  We hit up three of the five.

Family photo with Mickey.  Macy is not too excited about being this close to Mickey – she likes them better from far away.  This is a vast improvement from her opinion of Santa Claus. (See A Typical Day for more info)

Then we got to Goofy.  We did not like Goofy very much at first.  Jeff took her and said, “Macy, look.  Daddy is bigger than Goofy.”  Macy said, “Scared.  Scared of Goofy.”  This is the best picture we got.  Ah, well.  At least she’s smiling.

And the finale…Minnie Mouse.  We did a girls-only pose.

Minnie offered to hold Macy, but Macy decided she liked me better.  Maybe next time we’ll be a little less skittish.

And our last shot of the day…family photo in front of Cinderella’s castle.

Have a magical day.  🙂


One thought on “Have a Magical Day

  1. Dear Macy, we are so happy that you did Disney World. Papa and I would love to go with you sometime. Ask your mommy about her picture with Mickey.
    We love you

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