Mooncake Day

We have a holiday this time of year called Mid-Autumn Festival.  We like to call it “Mooncake Day” because everyone is giving everyone else mooncakes.  Mooncakes are small cakes (about the size of your palm) that have different fillings inside of them.  Some are sweet (the fruit kind) and some are a little strange for our taste (the meat and egg kind).

*I tried cutting and pasting a picture from the Internet to give you a feel for what they look like, but whenever I did it, the post wouldn’t publicize.  Strange.

These babies can get expensive…I’ve seen boxes for 50 USD, 75 USD, even 100 USD for only 5-7 mooncakes and you’re paying mostly for the packaging!  We’ve eaten our fair share of mooncakes over the years (much cheaper than these, of course), but this year was a little different because we weren’t in our home city for Mooncake Day.

We decided to splurge a little and get our very own mooncake to celebrate.  What did we decide on?  The extra meaty kind?  Not so much.

Here’s the direction we went…

If it was Mrs. Field’s, we didn’t see how it could be bad.


Our purchase included our very own mooncake box…with Lady Liberty on it.  What does Lady Liberty have to do with Mooncake Day?  I have no idea.

Close up shot


Macy’s ready to eat!

It was…awesome.  Tasted like gooey chocolatey brownie.  So good.

Happy Mooncake Day from our family to yours.  🙂


One thought on “Mooncake Day

  1. We were there last year and we were not served anything that looked like that. Way to go!!! I still have 2 that came in a fancy box from someone. I do not plan to eat them.

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