Snow White Kissed You

Despite the busyness of our time in Hong Kong, we managed to squeeze in a few more hours at Disney Land.

We rode some of our favorite rides like Cinderella’s carousel…

And then we managed to catch up with the princesses themselves…

Macy was in heaven.  She just kept looking at them like she couldn’t believe they were real.

And then Cinderella gave Macy a kiss!

This prompted Sleeping Beauty and Belle to give her a kiss as well (we didn’t get this on camera)…but as we were walking away we ran into…

Snow White and the Prince!  So Snow White gave Macy a kiss on the hand to match all her other kisses.

Here’s Macy showing off her kisses.  She kept looking at her hand saying, “Snow White kiss you, Snow White kiss you”.

And one last family photo…

They told us to have a magical day.  Check.  🙂


One thought on “Snow White Kissed You

  1. Macy looks so cute with the princesses (because she is one). Wish we could have been there … maybe one day.
    love you bunches, Macy Kailyn

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