As Good As New

Today marked the tenth day of Macy wearing her stitches.  It was time for them to come out.  We are so fortunate to have a very (very) good expat friend who is also a nurse.  She graciously offered to lend her skills and take out Macy’s stitches.  This was SO much better than taking her to a hospital and a doctor she didn’t know just to have to pin her down again and make her feel like she was reliving the incident.

Macy shows off her stitches one more time…

The whole experience went so smoothly mostly because Macy LOVES our friend.  She laid fairly still and watched Dora on the iTouch (yay for the iTouch yet again) and when it was all over, our friend had even bought Macy celebratory gifts – stickers and M&Ms!  Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Macy got to sport a Dora bandaid today over her wound.  It’s looking much better.

And now she’s as good as new.  Well, almost.  🙂


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