A Long Journey

Today was day one of a very long journey.  I like to call this journey “Macy Uses the Toilet Instead of a Diaper Because I’m Not Sure About Having Two Kids in Diapers Simultaneously”.

Maybe I’ll think of a shorter title for my journey.

I was all ready.  I had big girl underwear, a brand new potty chair that fits onto the regular toilet, a movie called “Potty Power” that a friend gave to me because her kids loved it, and M&Ms for bribery.

I felt like Macy was ready.  She sometimes wakes up with a dry diaper and she often tells me when she is going to the bathroom.

Macy and I had talked and talked about her wearing the big girl panties.  She had sat on the potty chair (it’s pink!) and she had seen the Potty Power movie.  She was excited.

So when she woke up this morning, I took her to the bathroom and she sat on the toilet for a while.  Nothing happened, so we put on her big girl underwear and went to eat breakfast.  I had even made pancakes the night before as kind of a celebratory breakfast.  We ate our breakfast and she got to drink apple juice (which she doesn’t know is about 75% water) as a treat to help her need to go the bathroom.  It worked.

We had several accidents before 9:30.  I told myself to be patient.  At least we don’t have much carpet in our house.

Sometime around 10ish, she actually went in the toilet.  I was so happy I almost cried.  She got an M&M for her reward.

More accidents.  Nothing big – but I had to do an extra small load of laundry just to keep up with all the wet underwear.

She went in the toilet.  She didn’t.  She went in the toilet.  She didn’t.  It was a rough cycle.  It’s hard to relax knowing that at any minute your toddler could be going to the bathroom – and there is no diaper to catch it.  So we stayed side by side most of the day.  It was quite the bonding experience.

By the end of the day, I was pretty exhausted.  I had NO idea how difficult this would be.  And when I think about the fact that today was only day one, it makes me even more tired.

Maybe tomorrow will be easier.  One can hope, can’t they?  🙂


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