To coincide with the joys of potty training, we thought it would be nice to throw a little typhoon in.  That way, you have to spend more time inside – preferably in the hall bathroom.  Macy is loving it.

Hmm, not so much.

The typhoon arrived with a flourish – lots and lots of wind and rain.  It woke Macy up about 4 in the morning and after playing in our bed for an hour, I finally got up with her and let her watch a Dora episode while I laid on the couch.  That made for a long day.

It has rained for three days straight.  This is rough as an adult, but really tough on a toddler.  It’s hard to explain to her why the jumpy castle is not up or why we can’t go the outside playground.  The last two days we’ve managed to squeeze in quick trips outside during the “light” rain – to the small playplace at the KFC down the street or to Walmart to buy much needed groceries.  We’ve also spent a lot of time in coloring books, playing Legos, and practicing going to the bathroom.  It’s a very exciting life I lead.

Here’s the street outside of our apartment on the first day of the typhoon –

These pictures don’t really do it justice.  People were wading through the water and it was up to their knees.  Macy took one look and say – Me go walk in water.  So we threw her in her bathing suit and led her paddle out to the middle.  (Not so much)

So here’s hoping we get one day without rain in the near future.  The good news is tomorrow is supposed to be “partly cloudy”.  I’ll take it.  The bad news is we are expected to have another typhoon on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Better sharpen those crayons.  🙂


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