We took a little trip for a couple of days to a nearby town with some friends…during the second typhoon of the week.  Needless to say, when we arrived in the market town, I realized quickly that Macy’s super cute shoes and socks would never survive if she wore them throughout the trip.  Not only was there a constant rain, there was no shortage of giant puddles for her to jump in.  And my kid loves to jump in some puddles.

Fortunately, the first shop we saw on the side of the road just happened to sell rain boots.  Perfect.

The only pair that had around Macy’s size were purple.  Good.  With Xi Xi Yang on the sides.  Even better.  Macy was ecstatic.  A trip outside in the rain and an excuse to buy new shoes.  Doesn’t get much better in her world.

She sat down right here to pose for everyone with hew new boots on.  I think ten cameras were whipped out within about thirty seconds.

I love rain boots.


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