Homemade Icing

I prepared in advance for Jeff’s birthday this year.  I bought a cake mix while we were in Hong Kong.  I know, I know – it’s cheating, but I’ve just never felt confident enough to out-do Betty Crocker.  Plus I love yellow cake.

Jeff went out this afternoon and was going to go to the one place in our city that you can sometimes find Betty Crocker icing so that his birthday cupcakes would be complete.  He called me from the store to tell me that they were closed for the holiday (for the last week it has been a national holiday) and wouldn’t reopen until tomorrow.


I started to Google “Betty Crocker copycat icing recipes”.  Nada.

I was a little shy to make my own icing, because I’ve tried before and it didn’t turn out awesome.  It was too thin and didn’t taste quite right.  Hence the shopping trip to try and find Betty Crocker icing.

But those cupcakes needed to be iced.  And I was the girl to do it.

I finally found a good looking recipe on Hershey’s website.  If it’s coming from Hershey’s, how bad could it be?  I mean, it called for the staples – butter and sugar.

Macy and I ended up making the icing together, because she likes to help.  We made the cupcakes together too.  It’s oh-so-exciting having her in the kitchen with me.  There’s me – who has no idea what I’m doing – and Macy – who wants to stir by herself, pour the ingredients by herself, and stick her fingers into the bowl at random times.  It keeps me on my toes.

After dinner was the taste test.

Singing “Happy birthday” to Daddy

Blowing out the candles – Macy’s is pink and Daddy’s is blue (Macy’s choice, of course)

And now, time to eat!  The white shirt had to come off – I know a chocolate icing/white shirt disaster from a mile away.

And Daddy joins in so that Macy won’t feel left out.  🙂

Happy birthday Daddy!

All in all, I think the icing was a hit.  I’ve saved the recipe and probably will make it again.

If you were wondering, it’s still raining.  🙂


One thought on “Homemade Icing

  1. Macy in the kitchen sounds exactly like Jeff. I did not blog(journal), but it would have been exactly like you reported it,add some crying if I tried to say no to his being involved in anyone of the steps. Imagine a 2 yr. old with an electric hand mixer. That was Macy’s dad! You are awesome. Macy is the winner.

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