Blogging has been a bit difficult the last few days because Jeff has been out some, and so Macy and I have had plenty of bonding time.  I’m actually kind of savoring this time up, because I know that in just a few short months I’ll have to divide my attention between a newborn and a toddler – something I’m sure every mother would agree is not easy.

Lately, everything has been ex-CITE-ing.  I don’t know where she picked it up (probably me asking her if she was excited to do something), but whenever it’s time to do something she wants to do – she’ll say, “Mommy, that’s ex-CITE-ing!”  It’s pretty stinkin’ cute.

Today was another day I wished I had my camera with me.  We walked down the street to the closest KFC (there are a million KFCs in this country) just to hang out, get a snack, and play at their playplace.  Macy calls it the “little baby playplace”.  I asked, “Macy, do you want to go to the little playplace?”  “That’s ex-CITE-ing!” she said back and ran to put on her shoes.

When we got there, I asked her if she wanted corn on the cob for a snack.  (Yes, they  have corn on the cob at KFC for a side item.  I don’t think they offer that in the States, but here, corn on the cob is very popular.)  Her eyes lit up.  She LOVES corn.  I have no idea why.  “Mommy, that’s ex-CITE-ing!”

We got up to the playplace and after she finished eating her corn, I asked if she wanted to go down the slide.  “That’s ex-CITE-ing!”

I’m guessing you get the drift.

Even walking back home was ex-CITE-ing.  Crossing the street was ex-CITE-ing.  Buying a pear at the store downstairs to have with dinner was very ex-CITE-ing.

I think I’m going to be nominated for mom of the year.



4 thoughts on “Ex-CITE-ing

  1. Love this! So sweet! I’m sure Macy sounds like such a big girl now; it’s been way too long since we’ve seen her (and you and Jeff!)

  2. We’ll leave here mid-December to deliver in Bangkok. Should be very ex-CITE-ing for Macy – airplane rides, new places to explore, and a baby sister! 🙂

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