I had to look at a calendar to figure out how many weeks pregnant I am.  (29)  Things really are different between your first pregnancy and your second.  I can only imagine what’s like when you get to your third, fourth…

I’m not sure I’ll ever make it that far.  🙂  I feel like a giant whale.  And I still have 2 more months to go.

I told Jeff I didn’t remember feeling this sore or uncomfortable (or big) when I was pregnant with Macy.  He reminded me that when I was pregnant with Macy, I didn’t have a Macy to carry around, play on the floor with, or chase after.  Good point.

Characteristics of this pregnancy thus far –

  • I got fatter a lot quicker this time around.
  • Still craving sweets.  Mostly CHOCOLATE.  We had some friends come in to town and they asked what they could bring us from the US.  At first, I didn’t answer because I always feel bad having people bring me stuff.  But they asked again.  I asked for chocolate – Twix, Almond Joys, Kit-Kat, Reese’s.  Mmm.  They brought me a variety bag.
  • This baby is a mover and a shaker.  (This could be because I’m eating chocolate)  I like it when she moves while I’m reading to Macy – it’s like she’s participating.  She moves the most at nighttime.  I’ve already started praying that she’ll be a good sleeper.
  •  So far, she has not decided to sit on my sciatic nerve for a week like Macy did.  I’m very thankful for this.

Hard to believe October is almost over.  Before I know it, I’ll be reading books to two little girls instead of one.  Sounds good to me.


2 thoughts on “29

  1. that’s jeff! he’s so… insightful!
    thankful you have him to remind you that being a full-time mommy AND growing a baby is hard work!
    sometimes we have so much fun with our little ones we forget how much of us is actually required to do a job well.
    …almost there!!!

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