Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  The fact that Macy’s grandparents are able to see her – albeit on a computer screen – even though she lives around the world – good.  The ability to email – (mostly) good.  Posting videos and pictures up so that our friends and families can be a part of our lives over here – good.

But when things go bad, they really go bad.

On Wednesday, our computer crashed.  I know I shouldn’t use the word “crashed” this loosely – I think it’s a techie no-no – but to me, that’s what it felt like.  It would turn on – sort-of.  But we had no access to anything.  I started talking to someone who knows computer and he didn’t sound optimistic.

His recommendation (after trying several other tactics) was to remove the hard drive and connect it up to our old computer and see if we could fix it.  This sounds simple, but we didn’t have the adapter needed and our old computer no longer had up-to-date anti-virus software to scan the broken hard drive.  He wasn’t sure any data was still remaining on the hard drive.

Oh – and we were going out of town the next day for four days.

And – I hadn’t backed up the computer recently.  It has been on my to-do list for about 2 months now and I had just told myself a couple of days ago that as soon as we got back from our trip I HAD to back it up.


We did buy the adapter so that we could work on it while out of town, but the progress was slow.  There were several steps that needed to happen in order to get into the hard drive.  Internet access was rough, so it took a while to get the anti-virus software on.

I kept thinking about what we could have lost.  We save a lot of information on email, so I didn’t know how much of that would be gone.  A lot of my pictures are still on the memory sticks, so I was pretty hopeful there.  Videos had mostly been backed-up and some of them were on the iTouch.

On Saturday (I think), we were finally able to look at the hard drive.  Our stuff was still there.  This was a (very) good sign.  We had to wait until we got back home to start transferring our files that hadn’t been previously backed-up over to our external hard drive.  Now we’re starting all the scans that need to happen in order to see where the problem is on the hard drive – which is what I am doing right now as I’m writing this on our old computer (bought in 2006 and still working, go figure) 🙂

If it ever starts working again, I will be backing up our computer once a month from now on.   Maybe every two weeks.

To be continued…


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