An Ocean of Green

Time for another family fun day at the park.  After spending some time at the all-concrete playground (a very strange concept, but Macy loves it), we made our way over to the rides.  She spotted these cars and wanted to give them a whirl.


Next up was the carousel.  We let her ride by herself for the first time and I kept watching and waiting for her to jump off or do something crazy.  Fortunately, she didn’t.

I think she’s in the middle of saying “cheese”. 🙂

As we were leaving the park, Macy spotted a big group of young kids all out on a field trip with their “kindergarten”.  A kindergarten here goes from ages 2 through 5 (I think) and most kids in this country attend one – mostly because it is common for both parents to work and the kindergarten will care for your child from 8 am until 5 pm.

When kindergartens go anywhere together, they keep the kids in a line by having each child hold the back of the shirt of the child in front of them. I wish I had a picture of this; it’s actually pretty funny to watch but it works like a charm.

As soon as Macy saw them, she ran over and said, “Grab their shirt!  Grab their shirt!”  Within seconds, she had grabbed the shirt of the last kid in line.

Yes, this is my child.  She’s very shy.

Before we knew it, we were being escorted into an outdoor amphitheater-type place.  Macy took her seat next to one of the teachers.  Jeff and I were sitting across the way from her, but she didn’t really seem to notice that we were missing.  It wasn’t for another 5-7 minutes (when she spotted me) that she ran over to us and asked me to come sit by her.

So I did.

(By the way, you’re supposed to buy a ticket to see the show.  The teacher that had escorted Macy in with the other students had just waved her hand at the man collecting tickets and he let us through.  Sometimes it’s good to be foreign.)

Jeff started snapping pictures.

So there we are in an ocean of green.  Most of the kindergarten students are wearing green sweatsuits.  It’s just about 79-80 degrees out right now.  But it’s November.  So it must be cool enough for sweatsuits.  If you can’t find me, I’m the one in shorts.  🙂

So as it turns out, we were in store for a sea lion show.  It was pretty good – he clapped, danced, caught rings around his neck and dunked a basketball.  Macy kept calling him a sea horse.  Close, baby, close.

I just so happened to wear a green shirt today.  We almost blended in.

A ride on a bus, a carousel and a free sea lion show with 100 other kids.  Typical day.



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