Just a Regular Day

6:30 – Macy wakes up a little earlier than normal.
7:00 – I make pancakes. I normally don’t use a mix, but I had one on hand and figured I shouldn’t let it go to waste. I only added water, but somehow I must have messed them up because they were the worst pancakes I’ve ever had. Very strange.
8:30 – Jeff is out the door.
9:00 – Macy goes outside with Ayi to play. I do laundry, clean up messes, and get some other work done to help Jeff out since he’ll be gone until dinnertime.
10:30 – Macy is back with Ayi. I run outside to do a couple of quick errands.
11:45 – Lunch has been moved up in order to let Macy sleep earlier so that the construction won’t wake her up.
12:30 – Ayi is out the door. I put Macy in bed. She cries. I make pico to go with dinner. Macy keeps crying. I check on her. She’s okay, just doesn’t want to take a nap. Normally, she takes a nap just fine. Strangely, not today.
1:10 – Macy falls asleep.
1:15 – I fall asleep.
1:45 – I wake up suddenly because I hear a kid crying. It’s not mine. Then I hear my neighbor chopping vegetables. I’m up.
2:20 – Macy is up. Not enough nap. I hope I can get her to go back to sleep.
2:29 – Construction resumes. So much for the nap.
3:00 – We walk downstairs to complete my errand running from before.
3:45 – Back home to play and more dinner prep/laundry.
4:30 – I ask Macy if she wants to go outside for a few minutes to play. “Yes!”
5:00 – Macy falls down and scrapes up her knee. It’s bleeding. I carry her back up to the house with her wailing – not because of the scrape but because I am carrying her. I think she wants to a. walk by herself or b. go back to the playground.
5:15 – Knee washed, Neosporin’ed, and Dora bandaid affixed. Macy’s still whimpering a little and actually walking a little funny so I offer her a Dora episode while I fix dinner. This cheers her up.
6:00 – Jeff calls. They’re stuck in traffic.
6:30 – Jeff and a friend come in, pretty tired. We eat. Our friend plays with Macy.
7:20 – Two other friends come over and all four guys are out the door for their evening activity.
7:30 – Dishes while Macy plays blocks.
7:50 – Bathtime.
8:10 – Pj’s on, hair brushed. Ready to read some books.
8:30 – Brush teeth.
8:32 – Bed.



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