Starting From Scratch

I’m an English major so I’ve always enjoyed a bit of foreshadowing.  It’s especially fun when you re-read a favorite book and realize the clues the author has given you to figure out that a major event is coming.

It’s not quite as much fun in real life.

If you’ve read my earlier entries, you’ll know that our computer “crashed” at the end of last month.  After some painstaking work, we had finally got it back together again more or less.  And backed up.  (the good news)  I really thought we were out of the woods.

Until I walked into my room and saw my lovely computer’s blue screen.  The blue screen of death I believe they call it.

So I did what any person would do.  I called the computer company (who I believe should remain nameless) for them to diagnosis the problem.  They did – hard drive crash – and happily told me that my machine was still under warranty and they would be willing to ship me a new hard drive.

Until they realized where I live.

First they wanted me to change my “status” to international – which involved filling out some paperwork and waiting for 15 business days.  Once I had been approved as international, I needed to contact the office in my host country and have them arrange to either send me a new hard drive or send a technician my way.

By the time this all happened, it’s very possible we’ll be on our way to Thailand.


After a few phone calls to tech-savvy friends, Jeff took out our broken hard drive and we went over to the computer center here to buy a new one.  We bought a different brand than the one that broke.

So much for that warranty.

From there, we began the long process of rebuilding a computer from scratch.  Installing Windows wasn’t much of a problem, just time consuming while you wait for the two years of updates that have accumulated.

And then the Microsoft products.  Let’s just say we didn’t make any friends at Microsoft.  We had purchased Outlook two years ago with our computer and didn’t receive a CD with it – I was told that at anytime I could just go on their website and re-download the file.  Apparently, that was until they came up with Outlook 2010.  So it was a long process to get a download file.  And then my product key didn’t work.  So they upgraded me and gave me a new product key.  It worked but wouldn’t activate.  And so on.

From there, it was a matter of “small” things – re-installing programs we had on the old hard drive, moving files over, setting up email configurations.

And now I’m blogging about it.  🙂

We are definitely not at 100% (I’m still not quite sure how to move all the music back on), but we are getting there.  Another tunnel, another light.

But it is nice to be back on the Internet again.


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