Orange Zest

I love my husband for a lot of reasons.  One of the more random reasons is how much he loves Thanksgiving.

Two months before Thanksgiving –

We’re in Hong Kong at a grocery store that stocks tons of Western food – most of it imported from the US.  Jeff starts picking out things like – cranberry sauce, stuffing, and Karo syrup.  Thanksgiving is already on his radar.  My radar is pretty much full trying to make sure Macy doesn’t pull glass containers off the shelves.

A month before Thanksgiving –

Jeff’s mom has generously offered to send us a care package.  Jeff requests Thanksgiving plates, napkins and decorations.  I request Tootsie Rolls. (hey – the baby wants what she wants, right?)

Two weeks before Thanksgiving –

We start organizing who will bring what.  Jeff offers to bring – stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, pecan pie.  Oh, and the turkey.  He’s very excited.

One week before Thanksgiving –

We make a trip over to this little shop that sells meat to restaurants.  They also (randomly) get turkeys around the holiday time.  Who else is buying these turkeys besides us?  No idea.  But I’m thankful they sell them.  Jeff picks out the biggest one that will fit in the size of oven that we foreigners have over here.  (Our wonderful friends have offered to cook it this year…bless them :))

A few days before Thanksgiving –

Macy Skypes with Cook Cook and Buddy.  She gets to put up the Thanksgiving “stickers” on our glass door (they peel off) that Cook Cook sent.  Now she’s pretty excited about Thanksgiving too.

Day before Thanksgiving –

Jeff makes pie crust and then pecan pie.  Makes our house smell pretty good.

Thanksgiving morning –

While Macy plays with Ayi outside (bless her), Jeff thinks it would be a good idea to have a cheese tray.  We run to Walmart and fortunately, they have re-stocked their cheese section.  Back at home, I make green bean casserole while Jeff does the stuffing and cranberry sauce.  He adds in orange zest and nuts and wonders why we don’t have a zester (I wouldn’t let him buy one the last time we were in the States).  But he has bought himself a mini cheese grater and says that will work just fine.

After the stuffing is made (it’s about 10:45 and we’re eating at noon), Jeff looks at it and thinks it will not be enough.  He runs out to a bakery that sells toasted bread and the wet market to buy celery and onions.  Comes in at 11:25, cooks the celery and onions in butter and then adds in the toasted bread to then mix in with the Stovetop stuffing.  It pretty much doubles in size.  He’s happy.

We pack up and are out the door by 11:55.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Can’t wait ’til next year.


One thought on “Orange Zest

  1. wow! you have you a very resourceful man on your hands!
    sounds like you all had a very yummy thanksgiving!
    btw: the name “cook cook” sounds fitting for jeff too. but since that name’s already taken maybe he should just be called “cookie”! 😉
    (((hugs))) from our corner to yours.

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