The Icing Mystery

I don’t post a lot about recipes.  Mostly because I know – and am not afraid to admit – that my hubby knows more about the kitchen arena than I do (thanks Poopsie).

But I’m going to make an exception because I have a little conundrum.  I love vanilla frosting – you know, the kind you get out of a Betty Crocker jar.  But alas, I have not found a recipe to match that.  Just yesterday, I tried another one that called for powdered sugar, butter, milk, and vanilla.  I didn’t think I could mess that up, but it turned out runny (even after I added way more powdered sugar), brown-ish, and not super awesome.

So I’m asking my baking friends out there (and my mother-in-law) if they have a vanilla icing recipe in their back pocket they wouldn’t mind lending to me.  It’s for a good cause.


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