I’m already an emotional person.  I think pregnancy (at least the last trimester) has probably doubled my emotional state.  So you can’t blame me for feeling a little nostalgic this week as we get ready to leave for Thailand to have this baby girl.  It just wasn’t that long ago that we were on another trip to Thailand to have another little baby girl.

Jeff snapped this picture right after Macy was born

One of the first times Jeff held Macy

One of our first family photos


One of my personal favorites.  I loved these jammies.  They’re making the trip with us to get worn again.  🙂

Today marks the beginning of my 36th week.  Only a few days left.  🙂



2 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. So sweet! Time does fly. I’m so excited for you guys as you add baby #2. And can I just add that two girls are so much fun! We are just now getting to the stage where our girls are becoming friends and enjoying playing together. Yes, there is drama but there is also lots of dancing, giggles, and friendship. Can’t wait to hear about baby sister! (And, we can’t wait to see you FOUR in a few months!)

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