Sick Day

There’s not a lot of good things about being sick.  Unless there’s a playplace.

We made it to Thailand yesterday in the early evening and had just the right amount of time to drop our luggage, go eat some quick dinner, and do some unpacking.  Macy did not nap on the plane (surprise, surprise) and so she was in bed by 7:30 (which was 8:30 according to our internal clocks) and Jeff and I only made it up to about 9.

Macy and I have been sick on and off since Thanksgiving and it seems that her cough has returned in full force – mostly when she is trying to sleep – which has made for some restless nights.  Last night was no exception.

But today was a brand new day.  So we took a trip to see the pediatrician that actually was Macy’s pediatrician at her birth.

We are already big fans of the hospital here – but today we were in for a special surprise.  They’ve renovated the kid’s area.

And added an entire playplace in the waiting room.

With a coloring station

 And video games

Macy’s pediatrician prescribed some cough medicine and saline spray to help with her cough and runny nose.  He also thought it would be a good idea for Macy to use this for a few minutes to help open up her nose…

Macy did not agree.  After about 20 seconds, she started throwing a fit.  We tried everything – singing, giving her stickers and even pulled out the Mickey Mouse show on the iPod – but eventually Daddy just had to hold her down in his lap so that the machine could do its thing for a couple of minutes.  It was (believe it or not) worse than the stitches.

Thankfully, we were able to return to the playplace right away.  And a blueberry pastry also helped.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. Aww poor Macy girl! We have had to do that with Boone for the last two weeks because he’s had RSV. Hope the lil one gains some lbs and the bigun gets rid of the nasty cough! We love you guys and are praying for you and the fam.

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