A New Diet

It seems that babies comes in all shapes and sizes.  Some just happen to be a little bit smaller than others.  At least that’s what the doctor told me today.

Baby girl #2 is weighing in at about 35ish weeks even though I’m already 37 weeks pregnant.  The doctor didn’t seem overly concerned, but did get busy writing me prescriptions for extra vitamins and a little protein powder to help the baby/me gain some weight.  It’s a strange thing being told you need to gain weight.  I’ve never really known anyone to take protein powder except for weight lifters.  Maybe I’ll be able to arm wrestle Jeff and win when this is all said and done. 🙂

We also discussed my desire to not have another c-section (I had to have an emergency c-section with Macy), which my ob/gyn said looked fine so far – the baby’s already in a good position with her head down and is not bigger than Macy was – but she would feel more comfortable referring me to a different ob/gyn who specializes in VBAC.  We’ll be meeting with him next week and see how it goes from there.

All in all (seeing the ob/gyn twice, blood work, ultrasound, etc.), we were at the hospital for almost 4 hours today.  Macy was a pretty good girl between the playplace, the stickers I packed, and the Dora episodes on the iPod.

We’d appreciate your prayers for a healthy and a little bit bigger baby girl.

Time for me to go drink another glass of protein.  Bottoms up.  🙂


One thought on “A New Diet

  1. I am praying for another 1.25 pounds. And for you too. I don’t want that baby to get all of your protein and calcium. She can have the chocolate!

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