A Very Thai Christmas

This morning we took a little excursion to the giant grocery store down the street.  Our list included things like – milk, pull-ups, burp cloths for baby #2, and snacks.

Before we made it to the inside of the grocery store, Macy spotted a McDonald’s with a playplace.  I offered to stay down with her and let Jeff get a head start on the shopping.

(I know many of you may not believe this, but sometimes letting Jeff get a head start on the shopping can be a dangerous thing.  You can never tell what will be in your cart by the time you meet back up with him)

So when Macy and I met him in the children’s section – our cart was loaded up.  With a small Christmas tree, lights, tinsel, and even some small ornaments that he had color coordinated with the silver star he chose for the top.


Getting ready…

Macy comes in to help “fluff” the tree

Once the lights were on, Macy and Daddy started hanging ornaments


Finished product

We even listened to some Christmas classics while we decorated – “Joy to the World”, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, and “Away in a Manger”.  If we hadn’t have had our a/c running at 77 degrees, it would have almost felt like a “white” Christmas.  Good thing we’re from Houston.  🙂


3 thoughts on “A Very Thai Christmas

  1. Good job Jeff! Last year, when we traveled to QD for Selah’s birth, I packed a small tree. Of course, we weren’t suppose to be there that long. I was sure Selah would come on the 6th or 7th, but she came on the 24th. We were all thankful to have our small tree.

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